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Childhood Nothings and Everythings

By on October 19, 2013

You, earth glow around me.
First time we met, we met in misunderstanding mutual distrust
different friends and different dreams

But what changed?

Well, somewhere along the way things shifted.
Some sort of veil was lifted
The silent wall broke away
and friends and dreams and faces and places merged
my heart with your heart and my soul leaked out into yours and yours to mine
and we sat in between lockers and talked in childhood nothings and everythings
School ceased to be prison for you and me
and more a sanctuary
where we stayed long after bells released us
It was the only time we had to nurse our internal armies
exhausted, dusty and dirty from the everyday struggle of being, holding others up, proving our worth.
To each other, we wore our battle wounds with private pride,
dignity, respect and love – out and inside.

And sometimes still
I wouldwill
wake up shaking in the knowledge that every urgency is all around me with a beating hurt beat
telling me what I SHOULD be
and what I’m not.

But what saves me
To have the honour of knowing you
Remembering you
Anchoring me still to our childhood nothings and everythings

We are earthglow, parentchild. We are puzzlepiece children.

And we don’t need anythingto put us back together… anymore.

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