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Us and Them

By on September 19, 2012

I want to cry in front of you.

I want to reach into your stomach
and grab onto that uncomfortable awkwardness that’s grown inside you like a fungus
and rip it out from the root…
Inverting you – insideout explosion
You – firework screaming frenzy.

I want to take all of your insecurities and pain….
mix them with mine
and turn it into a cocktail we drink together
once in a blue moon get wrecked on weeping
confess ourselves to each other
hide away in fear
come back round full circle to each others arms.
Hold. Have. Love.
Whisper words of pure, joyful, comfort.

I DON’T want these clinical cliche cardboard cutouts of beauty  that you tell me I should desire
I don’t want fleeting, greeting, gratuitous grunts of gorgeousness.

I want you to see me as ugly
and I want you to LOVE it

And I want to make love to the worst of you

because, god, I want to show you that I accept your wholeness.
Your humanity.

Every chance we get we ought to be madly hoovering up humanity into our hearts because we are STARVED.

I want you.
I want you.
I want you.
I want you.

 I want you with me right now
I want us naked and pure.
I want us stripped of uniform

I uniform me into sexy lady
You uniform you into business suits
I uniform me into conscious hippy
You uniform collars and truncheons and boots

And the me and the you
and the us and the them
And the THEY that strike fear in their hearts as they say

Oh THEM with their money
Oh THEM with their guns
and THEM on the dole
and THEIR daughters and sons

yeah THEY join the army
kill THEM with their dreads
and THEM with the psycho gene in their heads.
And THEM who is poor and THEM who is needy
and THEM who needs help and THEM who is greedy
and THEM who is battered and burnt, THEM who cries

 And them who realises they cover their eyes
And them who forgets the he and the she
And them who discovers the THEM is
the WE


are a fucking comet with a face attached
hurtling through infinity on FIRE

WE need to stop pretending we are all strangers
and start remembering that we are old, old friends.

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