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When No One’s Looking

By on August 19, 2011

Girls just want to have fun….
You and I – corsets and jeans
finding some sort of beauty in dark, dingy clubs
I miss you.

I miss our naivety.
I miss our posturing because
I think I saw through you and you saw through me.

Trapped in tiny cubicles forever,
sneaking vodka in …down your boots
Kissing strange older American men

I loved you and you loved me.
Exposed inherently.

Our first time high of out of our bodies (perhaps you didn’t realise that it was my first) time ceased to matter like walking across the heath pointing at the glowing light in windows we wanted one day to look out of

Our first kiss
You, me, braces against eternity

Carnivals of doom and scary 6am Robert Smith lookalikes
Arms and legs heads under the beds and gripping each others hands, holding each other up, up, up.

Our first lovehearts, the world fastened.

At first I was unsure of you, nervousness, good posture, flickering eyes
I grew to see you as truly one of the most beautiful women I have ever known in my life.

I’m sorry for anything I ever did to make you feel like you weren’t enough.

God you were plenty.

I hope someday we meet again.

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