Siobhan Knox
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Falling into

By on June 19, 2011

Learn to read between the lies
We’re filled up to the brim

With billboards bright and neon lights
that make the world so dim.

Too dim to be a star, he lay on his floor and moaned
to an airbrushed princess sat on Starbucks sponsored sexy thrones

You’re reaching out to touch me
I’m shrinking from your grasp

I don’t believe you’ll catch me
You should know I’m falling fast.

I’m falling past your planets
I’m falling through the sky

And falling is just mechanics
There is no reason why.

I’m crashing through the neon lights
sparks jolt through my spine

I’m smashing through the building sites
human shaped holes in time

I’m falling down a sky scraper arms flung out above
I’m smashing all the windows out and screaming out with love

Because our love is purple, orange and blue
and it trembles in the air

and though city workers turn their backs…
there’s droplets in their hair.

I’m falling till the floor begins
You sit with me and take my hand

We’re still just here, We’re safe at last.
That’s when we start to understand

 That outside their God is burning up in jagged fluorescent wheezes
he’s gasping for pollution, war and sexual diseases.

But now we’ve caught each other
and we’ve shared a breath from birth
we can stand hold hands
and watch his death
Spread hope across our earth.

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